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Dig up some Bitcoins yourself.

Ofcourse like mining gold, you can also start mining Bitcoins yourself. But since the difficulty to find a block of Bitcoin has gone up and special mining hardware(see below) is on the market now, it will be nessecary to join in a pool with other miners to earn back your investment and electricity cost. Most times it is cheaper to buy bitcoins.

Still want to give it a try?

Make sure you have the right hardware first: You will need an ATI/AMD graphics card. Nowadays ist is almost impossible to generate some Bitcoins with a CPU or an Nvidia GPU. So it would be better and cheaper to buy Bitcoins. Or invest in a ATI/AMD Graphics Card.

Some ATI/AMD cards are better then others. Here you can cheack out which one is the most effecient: Mining Hardware Comparison

You can go there to figure out what card is the best for you when it comes to mining. You can also learn the best way to configure your card to maximize your hash rate on that card.


Download the client

The simplest way is to download the Bitcoin desktop/laptop client here

Install it and then leave it running on your computer, make sure to turn on the mining mode in the settings.

Join a mining pool

There are many to choose from:


Do check out the different kind of pay out options!


Special mining hardware



Price  Ports  Comments
BFL BitForce Jalapeno  4,5 $ 149  USB  Availability: February 2013
BFL BitForce Little Single  30 $ 649  USB  Availability: February 2013
BFL BitForce Single ‘SC’  60 $1,299  USB  Availability: February 2013
BFL BitForce Mini Rig ‘SC’  1,500,000  $29,899  USB, Wifi  Availability: February 2013
bASIC01  54 $1,070  USB  Suspended
bASIC02  27 $600  USB  Suspended
ngzhang Avalon (first 300 units)  60 $1,299  Ethernet, Wifi  Availability: 2013
ngzhang Avalon  60 $1,999  Ethernet, Wifi  Availability: Q2 2013
DeepBit Reclaimer One  4 $320  Ethernet  Availability: Q2 2013
DeepBit Reclaimer 4A  8 $520  Ethernet  Availability: Q2 2013
DeepBit Reclaimer RM  80 $2,800  Ethernet  Availability: Q2 2013




















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